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Hermetisches Theaterkabinett II: DOPPELGÄNGER

Hermetisches Theaterkabinett III: ER

The origin of Teatr Novogo Fronta lies in St. Petersburg, Russia, where this theatre company was established in 1993. Their early work resulted from experiments in the field of the relationship between the actor’s body – the only material being used by the actor – and the space of the event. Teatr Novogo Fronta’s creativity and stage presentation is impressive both in its scale and variety, ranging from street theatre and improvized sets to exacting and directed plays on classical theatre stages. Theatre critics describe their work as “bitter dance grotesque,” “divided dance,” or compared their movement act to butoh. Since its inception, Teatr Novogo Fronta has performed dozens of performances all over the Czech Republic, in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and England, joined festivals in Scotland, Hungary, Bosnia, Latvia and Denmark and during the last European tours performed in Holland, Belgium, France, Finland, Russia, Italy, Austria and Germany. Performances of the Teatr Novogo Fronta are constructed from images which stand on the frontier between mysticism and abstraction, circus art and modern dance, where the main force is the action, improvization and tension amplified by the ridiculousness of human tragedy. Teatr Novogo Fronta currently performs ten own plays. At present the group is working on the theme of the eternal mythic martyrdom of human being.

Tourneen: Tschechien, Polen, Serbien, Rumänien, Slowakei



ER (2011)


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